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A Radical Change in Global Trade: The Rise of the Port of Chancay

El súper Puerto de Chancay en Perú
Súper Puerto de Chancay

We are thrilled to share news that could redefine the landscape of international trade and logistics: we're talking about the development of the Port of Chancay in Lima, Peru. This port is gaining attention as one of the most significant advances in Peru's external trade and logistics system. Below, we detail why this project should be on your radar.

Strategic Positioning

The Port of Chancay aims to become a crucial link connecting China and the western coast of South America. With initial investments of $1.2 billion and a total of $3.6 billion allocated for its development, it has the backing of key stakeholders like Cosco Shipping Ports from China and the Volcán mining company. The port is expected to be operational by the last quarter of 2024.

Ubicación estratégica del Puerto de Chancay
Ubicación del Puerto de Chancay

Operational Excellence

The design of this port is groundbreaking. It will accommodate post-panamax ships and will cut the maritime shipping time between Peru and China to just 15 days, thanks to a direct route. This shift will not only benefit Peru but could also redistribute loads from neighboring countries like Chile, Ecuador, and Colombia, positioning it as a regional logistics hub.

Logistics and Infrastructure

Plans are underway for Parque Chancay, an industrial-logistical complex adjacent to the port. This park aims to create an integrated ecosystem housing various industries and services. It is expected to roll out in phases, also starting in 2024.

Social and Economic Impact

This port project promises to make a significant impact on local communities. It is estimated to create around 7,500 jobs, both direct and indirect, during its construction phase. Moreover, several social initiatives are being implemented in areas such as education and healthcare.


The Port of Chancay opens a realm of transformative opportunities in various sectors, including trade, logistics, and asset management. As always, at TutyComex, we are here to help you effectively navigate these new landscapes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

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