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Seguros de carga

Cargo Insurance

Our cargo insurance services demonstrate our dedication to safety and confidence in your international commercial operations.

We provide a variety of choices that can be tailored to your requirements and the unique features of each shipment. The Insurance for Special Loads, created for high-value items or with special needs, ranges from the Individual Policy designed to cover each specific operation to the Global Policy that ensures continual coverage for all of your activities over time.


Our knowledgeable team will be by your side to guide and assist you at every turn, assisting you in choosing the best insurance plan for your requirements and ensuring the success of your cross-border business dealings.

Seguros de carga

Utilizing cargo insurance

Loss Coverage: Financial security against all potential risks.


Sleep soundly understanding that your money is safe.


Expert Recommendation: Direction and assistance at every stage of the procedure.

Absence of cargo insurance

You run the risk of suffering complete losses in the event of an accident.


Stress: Constant concern over the condition of your goods.


Vulnerable Situation: You must handle any problems on your own.

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